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The physical, chemical and emotional changes that occur in pregnancy can impose a strain on the organs, ligaments, tissues and joints of the body. Lower back and pelvic discomfort can be common whilst painful conditions such as sciatica and symphysis pubis dysfunction can present themselves. The body can struggle to adapt to the rapid postural changes, especially if there are underlying biomechanical issues or a previous trauma has occurred. Many pregnant women struggle to sleep, walk and sit due to these conditions.

osteopathy can provide a safe and effective way to help relieve these common conditions. Effective treatment improves posture, helping the body to cope with the changes and prepare for the birth. At The Gresford Osteopathic Clinic, we can help alleviate symptoms and improve function in the pelvis and lower back. We can also advise the most appropriate exercises and stretches to incorporate whilst pregnant, along with helpful breathing techniques. We can also support new mothers regain strength and flexibility, and correct any remaining strains in the back and pelvis, following childbirth.

  • Take care when lifting or carrying children or loads during pregnancy.

  • When sitting, support your back with a cushion and avoid crossing your legs.

  • Try not to carry small children on your hip for any length of time.

  • When lying on your side, place a pillow between your legs for additional support.

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