At The Gresford Osteopathic Clinic, we examine your specific condition, symptoms and body to provide an accurate diagnosis.

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Occupational injuries, musculoskeletal pain and stress all account for the loss of millions of workdays each year. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), approximately 44 million workers in the EU suffer with musculoskeletal disorders caused in their workplace and these conditions accounted for more prolonged absences than any other ailment. Manual work can cause injury through lifting heavy equipment, overstretching and prolonged periods of bending. Office based work can result in repetitive strain injuries and postural difficulties. An accurate diagnosis and effective osteopathic treatment can help you get back to work and keep you fit long-term.

At The Gresford Osteopathic Clinic, we can treat your injury or discomfort to support your general health and wellbeing. Working free of pain will increase motivation, drive and productivity, helping you to achieve goals and feel happier in the workplace.


We work collaboratively with many organisations operating throughout North East Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire. If you can provide a private area, our osteopaths can provide treatment onsite or patients can visit our clinic based in Gresford.

  • When lifting heavy equipment, always assess whether you need additional help or support.

  • Regular short breaks away from the computer will mitigate the risk of back, neck and eye strain.

  • When driving long distances, allow time for short breaks.

  • When taking a break, incorporate some exercise and gentle stretches to promote flexibility and mobility.

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